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Cultural Programming Board

View of the Rotunda from the Lawn

The Cultural Programming Board (CPB) is appointed by the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer to support the development and implementation of cultural programming at the University of Virginia.

Culture may be defined as shared traditions, values, ideologies and customs that exist over time as a method through which communities and individuals pass on values, share identity and relate to one another.  Expanding on this definition, the current Cultural Programming Board feels that culture goes beyond the distinct ways that people conduct themselves in familial and societal tradition. While it is the intangible aspects necessary to a community – such as language, spirituality, and custom – culture is also the manifestation of creativity and freedom of expression that highlights individual perception.

In allocating funding to student-run events and programs, we aim to:

  1. Promote learning across the various cultures found within our University community;
  2. Foster collaboration among students of different backgrounds; and
  3. Increase the presence and impact of underrepresented cultural perspectives; and
  4. Stimulate creative thinking about culture, inclusiveness and community

The Board is comprised of six student members and one or more UVA faculty or staff members. Our responsibilities entail evaluating funding applications, conducting hearings, suggesting ways to increase the reach and impact of proposed events and managing the available budget. We do not have a set quota for each semester. Rather, we use the funds ascribed to us as we deem necessary and in appropriate ratio to the influence of the program.


The Board is comprised of at least six undergraduate student members, one of whom serves as chair.  The CBP is currently advised/chaired by MSS Fellows Alisa Negron and Erik Patton-Sharpe.

2021-22 Board Members
Mae Hovland '22, School of Architecture
Fara Islam '22, College of Arts and Sciences
Rohan Singh '22, School of Architecture
Jessiah Lucien '23, McIntire School of Commerce
Felix Donis Barrera '23, School of Engineering & Applied Science
Korey Busby '22, School of Nursing