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Details on Funding

Every academic year the CPB allocates $20,000 to be awarded to UVA Contracted Independent Organizations (CIO), organization governed by the Fraternal Organization Agreement (FOA), Special Status organizations, and Residence Life Groups for creative and innovative approaches to cultural programming.

We also care about the cost-effectiveness and depth of planning for your event.  Previous awards granted by the CPB for your organization will also be taken into account.  The CPB reserves the right to deny funding or to provide partial funding.

Funding Restrictions

  1. The CPB functions on a reimbursement process, so funds are not provided up front. If you receive funding, you will receive further instruction as to how to secure that reimbursement. However, keep in mind this means your group may have to initially cover the costs prior to reimbursement.
  2. The maximum amount awarded is $1,000 per event – only one application is allowed per event, although groups are allowed to apply for more than one event.
  3. The CPB cannot provide funding for any of the following:
    • Awards, prizes, or gifts
    • Alcohol/events with alcohol
    • Revenue-generating events
    • Events that limit entrance or access through ticketing or invitation only
    • COVID Safety - for the forseeable future, funding will only be provided for events that are in full compliance with University Policy SEC-045: Covid-19 Health & Safety Requirements.

Note:  There is one $5,000 award in seed money that can be annually given to one event; however, this event must meet greater criteria as far as reach in the university community as well as long-term and lasting effects.

How can I prepare for a hearing?

When filling out the application, keep the mission of the board in mind.  Be purposeful in your answers and understand how the various programming components fit our goals.

If you would like assistance thinking through your answers or shaping your programming such that your goals are being met and they align with our aim, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with one of the members of the board, or come to office hours for guidance.  We want to assist you in your work to diversify our University and we appreciate your thoughtful approach.

What We Like To Fund

  1. Events that actively promote collaboration across grounds. Co-sponsorships are an integral part of uniting student groups and thus increasing attendance and influence. Viewing these events as an opportunity to engage the community through a spectrum of lenses is crucial to be successful.
  2. Groups that have sought out funding from a variety of sources and fundraising efforts. While we do support cultural programming, we are not the sole funding source interested in supporting these efforts.
  3. If an event is re-occurring or taking from a preexisting program, we encourage organizers to think critically about ways to expand the event’s reach.  In presenting the event during the hearing, discuss any improvements, expansions, new collaborations or innovative advertising efforts.

Cultural Programming Board Bylaws