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PMP is led by a group of dedicated and organized students who make up the program’s executive team. They are in charge of planning and running community-wide events, organizing mentor training workshops and offering support to both mentors and mentees throughout the year. They benefit from access to faculty, administrators and other professional contacts. Their work with PMP provides them with professional experience in community building, event planning, managing budgets and more.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the executive board, come back to this page in late January or early February for application process information.

Introducing the 2018-2019 Executive Board

2018-2019 Executive Board


Jennifer Flores

2nd Year, Arts & Sciences, Undeclared
Houston, Texas          
Rugby, LSA, PLUMAS, sewing, cooking, making mula, bragging about how Houston is the best.  
Mac & Cheese            
When I was 7 I was cutting my toe nails with my hands, and everything was fine until I got to my pinkie toe. When I started cutting the tear went all the way down so I ended up tearing off my whole pinkie nail. There was a lot of blood but it’s ok now because it grew back. :) Now I only use nail clippers.

Magdelena Ferran

3rd Year, Frank Batten School, Public Policy and Leadership
Puerto Rican  
Virginia Beach, VA     
Activities: PLUMAS Legislative Co-Chair, LSA Cultura Co-Chair, IRC Residential Advisor  
Other Interests: I love dancing and cooking, although I am still learning how to do both :)           
Arroz con gandules ..... also anything with peanut butter in it     

I was once part of the live studio audience of Good Morning America. I was on camera almost the whole time and the youtube video is pretty embarassing.

Maria-Emilia (Emi) Proano

2nd Year, School of Architecture, Undeclared
Leesburg, VA  
I love travelling especially to Ecuador to spend time with my extended family. I also love to dance anything from bachata to reggeton.         
Pupusas, Elotes, and Ceviche
I wrote a bilingual children's book!

Frank Valdez

2nd Year, Arts & Sciences, Undeclared
Houston, Texas          
"Hobbies: Dancing to música latina, running, sports, practicing my guitar and accordion, listening to Selena Quintanilla and old school cumbia, bragging about how I was born and raised in HTX
Activities: PMP Exec, PLUMAS Community Outreach Co-Chair, SALSA Club"          
Sopa de Fideo
I used to b-boy when I was in high school and I am trying to learn how to play the accordion to bring some Tejano culture to Grounds