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Executive Board

Introducing the 2018-2019 Executive Board


  • Judy Chen
  • Nancy Zhang

Programming Chairs

  • Sarah Ahmad
  • Subin Park
  • Sneha Ravi
  • Shivani Dimri

Membership Chair

  • Minna Kim
  • Adi Kamath
  • Emily Lin

PR Chair

  • Nancy Zhou

Judy Chen

Name: Judy Chen

Year: 2020

Position: Co-Chair

Major: Commerce

Where are you from? Norfolk, VA

Interests/hobbies: watching TV shows, movies, and dramas (romance, comedy, and scary are top three), eating and tasting new food, hanging and chilling with friends

What are you involved in? besides PAFN, I’m in SWS, American Red Cross club, Madison House tutoring, and WAALI

What are your plans for the coming year? figure out life, hopefully get in the comm school, try to exercise more and sleep more, if anyone wants to exercise together I’d be down (this semester, I actually started exercising :P)

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? PAFN is a welcoming community that aims to help students smoothly transition into college life. Even though, I haven’t been super active as a mentee but I did have some memorable experiences and met some of my friends through PAFN. Therefore, I also want others to to easily make through first year.

Sarah Ahmad

Name: Sarah Ahmad

Year: 3rd

Position: Programming Chair

Major: Biology and South Asian Studies

Where are you from? Richmond, VA

Interests/hobbies: Watching TV shows, listening to various genres of musics, hanging out with friends, eating foooood, doing anything and everything natury  and traveling

What are you involved in? PAFN, MSA, MEMP, PSA, and Madison House,

What are your plans for the coming year? Study for the DAT (ahhhhh), try something out of my comfort zone, learn how to cook better, and read more

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? I’ve been a part of PAFN since my first year, I wanted to just get even more involved by applying to be a part of board as a third year.  I also wanted to help others feel that PAFN can help them academically, socially in making some great friends, and help everyone feel that PAFN can be their home away from home.

Mina Kimm

Name: Minna Kim

Year: 4th

Position: Membership Chair

Major: Chemical Engineering

Where are you from? Glen Allen, VA

Interests/hobbies: Rock climbing, painting, playing piano/violin, watching kdramas/Peaky Blinders/The Walking Dead/Modern Family, eating korean bbq :)

What are you involved in? Madison House Medical Services, Co-ed Intramural Soccer

What are your plans for the coming year? I hope to take a couple fun classes during fourth year and study for the MCAT.

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? I received a lot of help from my PAFN advisor first year and we still keep in touch now! I joined board in order to continue contributing to the organization that brought us together and create relationships like ours for other incoming students.

Name: Emily Lin

Year: 2

Position: Membership Chair

Major: Biostatistics

Where are you from? Charlottesville, VA :)

Interests/hobbies: Playing piano and guitar, drawing/painting, making origami, playing Ultimate, and running

What are you involved in? Madison House volunteering, Women’s Leadership Development Program, Knitting Club, Kinetic Sound (instrumental music group)

What are your plans for the coming year? Declare my Biology minor and pick up watercolorsWhy did you choose to be on PAFN board? PAFN was a really important component of my transition to college. I want to help others in the A/APA community have a similarly positive experience and make them feel welcome here, especially as first-year students!

Nancy Zhou

Name: Nancy Zhou

Year: 3rd Year

Position: Public Relations Chair

Major: Statistics, Foreign Affairs

Where are you from? Woodbridge, VA

Interests/hobbies: I love binge-watching shows; I’m currently trying to finish Greys Anatomy and Fresh off the Boat as well as a few other Korean dramas.  I also manage my own real money portfolio and love playing lacrosse in my free time.

What are you involved in? Student Council (CIO Consultant and Bicentennial Committee Member), Smart Woman Securities (research analyst), VP of FBLA-PBL, and Public Relations Intern at the LGBTQ Center

What are your plans for the coming year? Besides figuring out what segment of banking that I am most compatible with, I am planning to do more hiking, zumba, or other fitness-related activities in hopes of losing the weight that I gained from “Freshman 15.”

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? PAFN has been the first organization that I’d came into contact to and it truly helped me with my transition from high school to college.  I became an executive board member because of this reason and I plan to continue PAFN’s mission of making others feel welcome at our university.

Adi Kamath

Name: Adi Kamath

Year: 3rd

Position: Membership Chair

Major: Computer Science

Where are you from? Centreville, VA

Interests/hobbies: Watching/making films and TV shows, writing screenplays, talking about Econ and other miscellaneous subjects

What are you involved in? PAFN, Asha for Education at UVA

What are your plans for the coming year? Get fitter and smarter! I love going to the gym and exercising in general, and I also love to learn anything about everything. Strike up a conversation about anything you want!

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? PAFN is a great organization that is dedicated to helping people adjust to life at UVA. Being on PAFN board is a great opportunity for me to help many people in their transition to college life and help them love the university as much as I do.

 Nancy Zhang, smiling, outdoor and nature

Name: Nancy Zhang

Year: 4th

Position: Co-chair

Major: Computer Science, Commerce (Marketing & IT, Business Analytics Track)

Where are you from? Fairfax, VA

Interests/hobbies: I love eating food and travelling, and especially travelling while eating. I enjoy painting, baking, and cooking, although I’m pretty bad at all three. I love playing soccer and doing other exercise-y things like hiking.

What are you involved in? Tri Sigma, honorary member of AKPsi, Women in Computing Sciences

What are your plans for the coming year? It’s my last year at UVA and I intend to make every last minute count! I’m going to be attending every event possible to get saber points so I can hopefully be Group 1 for basketball games. Hopefully I’ll get a job, too, so we’ll see!

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? I’ve been involved with PAFN for three years now, and it has been the most amazing experience. I think that I’ve been able to make a positive impact on at least one person’s life through this organization, and I hope that I can continue to do so for the upcoming year.


Name: Sneha Ravi

Year: 2nd

Position: Programming Chair

Major: Undeclared but Pre-Med

Where are you from? McLean, VA

Interests/hobbies: Arts / crafts (even though I am a total amateur and can’t draw to save my life LOL), eating ice cream and chocolate, learning about culture

What are you involved in? Asian Student Union, Student Council Sustainability Committee, Undergrad Research Network - Oculus, Indian Student Association

What are your plans for the coming year? I am excited to start narrowing down on my career goals and major! I also want to start hitting the gym, other than going to the AFC for bingo night :) I also want to read more books by international authors!

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? I really love PAFN! I had some new ideas for PAFN that I want to implement, and can’t wait to see them in action! Having a welcoming family, especially for new first years, is incredibly important to me!


Name: Subin Park

Year: 3rd

Position: Programming Chair

Major: Undeclared, but Psychology

Where are you from? Murphy, NC

Interests/hobbies: Basketball!!! I absolutely love to play and watch basketball. I just really enjoy sports in general. Binge watching tv shows that get recommended to me. I also like music quite a bit, rap music mostly, but I enjoy all good music. Talking about controversial topics, because I like to listen to other people’s opinions about that stuff. :)

What are you involved in? First, this thing called PAFN that I’m in that is really cool. I’m also involved in Chi Alpha, a little bit of KSA, and IM sports.

What are your plans for the coming year? I’m planning on focusing more on my major and actually becoming a Psych major officially. I’m also looking to go to the gym regularly, since my gym consistency has been horrible up to this point lol

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? I chose to be on PAFN board because I really enjoyed being in PAFN as an advisor, and interacting with all the great people that join! I also had ideas on how PAFN may be able to improve, for example on different events, so I wanted to help build a better and improved PAFN for everyone!


Shivani Dimri

Name: Shivani Dimri

Year: 4th

Position: Programming Chair

Major: History (Distinguished Majors Program) and Environmental Sciences

Where are you from? Falls Church, VA

Interests/hobbies: Learning languages (especially Italian...what can I say, my thesis is on Italian history and I studied abroad in Rome this past spring)

What are you involved in? PAFN, UVA Center for American English Language & Culture VISAS program (English tutoring)

What are your plans for the coming year? Finishing my History DMP thesis, picking up French again, getting a job, and being more exercise-y like everyone else is saying lol

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? I want to contribute to PAFN because I benefited so much from having a PAFN advisor when I was a first year at UVA. My advisor (Hi Victoria) gave me lots of advice with everything from picking classes and majors and finding housing, and was always there when I needed a friend! I wanted to provide incoming students with the same support I received. I became an advisor as a second year and a family head as a third year and now I’m on PAFN exec so that I can help welcome and support even more new students! Plus, I love that PAFN is pan-ethnic and for both Asian and Asian American students, so we can learn more about the diversity of A/APA cultures and experiences.

Family head names

Taamson Joshua + Pumoli Malapati (P)
Erwin Wijaya + Sarah Baig (A)
Toomsin Chen + Nirasha Abeysekera (F)
Aditya Sorot + Margaret E Kim (N)