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Executive Board

Introducing the 2018-2019 Executive Board

Pictures and bios to come:


  • Judy Chen
  • Nancy Zhang

Programming Chairs

  • Sarah Ahmad
  • Subin Park
  • Sneha Ravi
  • Shivani Dimri

Membership Chair

  • Minna Kim
  • Adi Kamath
  • Emily Lin

PR Chair

  • Nancy Zhou


2017-2018 Executive Board

4th year Farewell Garden Reception 2017




Maurice Wong| 4th Year | Membership Chair

Major: Computer Science

Where are you from? Millburn, NJ

Interests/hobbies: Binge-watching Netflix, exploring food in cities, coding, reading.

What are you involved in? University Programs Council, Hereford Student Senate, International Collegiate Programming Contest

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? In the three years I’ve been involved in PAFN, I’ve always found PAFN to be an incredibly welcoming and open community. I’ve met some of my closest friends through PAFN, and my experiences as both an advisee and an advisor have been very helpful and rewarding. Being on board is my way of giving back to this organization and ensuring that future advisors and advisees can find an equally exciting experience in PAFN.



Jason Zhang | 4th Year | Membership Chair

Major: B.S. Biology

Where are you from? Forest, VA

Interests/hobbies: I like working with my hands so some of my hobbies are playing with yoyos and doing card tricks. I also watch way too many movies and play too many video games

What are you involved in? I’m involved with PAFN and I’m Vice President of the Pre-Dental Society at UVA

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? I chose to be on board because I wanted to be a part of the organization that made my first year at UVA one of the best years of my life. I feel like I have made lifelong friends through PAFN and I want to help others have similar experiences.


Jonathan Lee | 4th Year | External Programming Chair

Major: Computer Science, minors in Business. Materials Science Engineering, and Applied Mathematics

Where are you from? Dunn Loring, VA (NOVA)

Interests/hobbies: I play the saxophone and piano, and I like to sing. I also watch a lot of TV (mostly police procedural or sci-fi) and superhero movies! Additionally, I enjoy travelling, trying coffee shops and restaurants, and having deep conversations.

What are you involved in? Besides PAFN, my other major organizations are PULSE and Sustained Dialogue! I also give tours of the engineering school, perform materials science research, TA, and participate in hackathons and case competitions!

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? Everyone I met in PAFN seemed so friendly, including everyone on board when I was a first and second year! PAFN felt a lot less cliquey and exclusive than other groups on-grounds, and it seemed like a great way to stay connected to the A/APA community at UVA. I joined PAFN board so I could help make PAFN as great of a group for new members as it was for me when I first joined (or even better). Additionally, transitioning to UVA as a first-year was really tough for me, and I thought I could help make it easier for struggling first-years through PAFN board.



Judy Chen| 2nd Year | Programming Chair

Major: Pre-Commerce

Where are you from? Norfolk, VA

Interests/hobbies: watching TV shows, movies, and dramas (romance, comedy, and scary are top three), eating and tasting new food, hanging and chilling with friends

What are you involved in? besides PAFN, I’m in SWS, American Red Cross club, Madison House tutoring, and Case Competitions

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? PAFN is a welcoming community that aims to help students smoothly transition into college life. Even though, I haven’t been super active as a mentee but I did have some memorable experiences and met some of my friends through PAFN. Therefore, I also want others to to easily make through first year.



Maha Nayyar| 4th Year | Programming Chair

Major: Biology major, Psychology minor

Where are you from? Springfield, VA

Interests/hobbies: Reading, exploring Charlottesville, and hanging out with friends

What are you involved in? Madison House Medical Services, Global Medical and Dental Brigades, Muslim Students Association, and Pakistani Students Association

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? When I first came to UVA, my PAFN advisor helped me out a lot with figuring out what classes to take, deciding what to get involved in, and adjusting to college life. I want to be able to further the support that PAFN can provide to advisees to make them feel as welcome at UVA as possible by planning events and strengthening advisor-advisee bonds!



Nancy Zhang | 3rd Year | Programming Chair

Major: Commerce (finance) and Computer Science!

Where are you from? Fairfax, Virginia (NOVA)

Interests/hobbies: : I love eating food and travelling, and especially travelling while eating. I think I still like painting but I’m so busy that I never have time anymore (sad). I’m in a sorority, and you’ll find out pretty quickly because of Maurice and Jason. I also like stress eating.

What are you involved in? Club Running (ish), Smart Woman Securities, Tri Sigma, Women in Computing Sciences, eating?

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? My first year, PAFN not only had extremely exciting events and great advising opportunities, but it also allowed me to meet some of the coolest people. I wanted improve upon my experience with PAFN by planning and bringing to fruition some of my own ideas for events, which is why I joined board! Also, PAFN is so much fun, and I love hanging out with people and getting to know everyone!



Victoria Li | 4th Year | PR Chair

Major: Statistics & Computer Science

Where are you from? Alexandria, VA

Interests/hobbies: I like kpop, video games, and superhero movies. I have an uncanny knack of recognizing songs just by their instrumental or one lyric.

What are you involved in? PAFN, Asian Student Union (ASU)

Why did you choose to be on PAFN board? I made a lot of my friends at UVA through PAFN, so I wanted to help give others the same experience by sharing my ideas on PAFN board!