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Hispanic/Latinx Resources

Institutional Support

The Latinx Handbook

The Latinx Handbook is a collaboration project between various members of the Latinx community inspired by the reflection of the needs of the Latinx student population at this University. Our purpose is to strengthen the Latinx community at the University of Virginia by easing the transition of incoming Latinx/Hispanic first year and transfer students. Our efforts include introducing them to the Latinx community and passing down knowledge and resources to promote a successful first year at UVA.


A website that seeks to celebrate and empower the Hispanic/Latinx community by recognizing the many contributions of different Hispanic/Latinx organizations throughout the University of Virginia’s history!

Multicultural Student Services 

  • Hispanic/Latinx Peer Mentoring Program (PMP)

    • The Hispanic/Latinx Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) is a matches upperclass students with new students to assist in their transition to the University.
  • Latinx Leadership Institute

    • The Latinx Leadership Institute (LLI), launched in spring 2018, is an 8-week, student-faciliated, and cohort-based leadership development program for 1st and 2nd Year Hispanic/Latinx emerging leaders
  • Latinx Student Center

    • The LSC aim to provide an inclusive environment that supports the intersectional experiences, diverse cultures, and educational goals of Latinx students at the University of Virginia

Contracted Independent Organizations (CIOs)

  • Afro-Latinx Student Organization (ALSO)
  • Batten Latinx Network
  • Central Americans for Empowerment at UVA (CAFE)
  • Latin American Identities Coalition (LAIC)
  • Latin American Law Organization at UVA
  • Latino Medical Student Association at UVA
  • Latino Student Network at McIntire
  • Latinx Student Alliance
  • Latinx Graduate Student Alliance at UVA
  • Political Latinxs United for Movement and Action in Society (PLUMAS)
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers