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LLI Executive Team

The 2018-2019 Executive Team

The Latinx Leadership Institute (LLI) Executive Board coordinates and plans each cohort session and other LLI events and activities.

Latinx Leadership Executive team 2018-2019
2018-2019 LLI Executive Team

Front Row from left: Ximena Juarez, Natalia Heguaburo, Lauren Faloni, Alex Cintron
Back Row from left: Hannah Shartel, Hector Quijano, Mel Borja

  • Hector Quijano - Executive Director
  • Ximena Juarez
  • Natalia Heguaburo
  • Lauren Faloni
  • Alex Cintron
  • Hannah Shartel
  • Mel Borja

The 2017-2018 Executive Team

2017-2018 LLI Executive Team
Hector Quijano, Alex Cintron, Raquel Talbott, Natalia Heguaburo, Lauren Faloni, and Vicky Stagnaro (Left to Right)


2017-2018 Executive Team

  • Hector Quijano - Exective Director
  • Alex Cintron - Co-Director of Programming
  • Lauren Faloni - Co-Director of Programming
  • Raquel Talbott - Director of Operations
  • Vicky Stagnaro - Director of Recruitment
  • Natalia Heguaburo - Director of Public Relations