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LLI Executive Team

The 2021-2022 Executive Team

Magin Sanchez, Cady de la Cruz, Diana Moreno, Elizabeth Aramayo, Alicia Land, and Jonathan Swap (from left to right)
Magin Sanchez, Cady de la Cruz, Diana Moreno, Elizabeth Aramayo, Alicia Land, and Jonathan Swap (from left to right)

Elizabeth AramayoElizabeth Aramayo
Leadership and Public Policy & American Studies DMP candidate 
Executive Director
Hello! I am from Lovettsville, Virginia (Loudoun County/Nova area). After graduating this upcoming spring, I hope to take a two-year gap year and apply to law schools. I hope to become a prosecutor and am aspiring to become a judge one day! I am passionate about criminal justice, affordable housing, and immigration policy/law. A fun fact about me is that I named my fish, Cannibal. Unfortunately, the name is not ironic. He does have cannibalistic tendencies. Please ask me the story about how he got his name! 

Alicia LandAlicia Land 
Computer Science & Spanish minor
Nicaraguan + Black
Executive Secretary
Hi! I am from Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!). This past summer as well as this coming summer, I have been a Software Engineering Intern at Google and hope to continue exploring the software development industry after graduation. Fun fact about me is I love vegan baking (ask me about my brownies ooOOo)!

Magin SanchezMagin Sanchez
4th/1st Grad
Government & Social Entrepreneurship Minor & Accelerated MPP
El Salvadorian
Co-Project Director
Heyy! I am from Woodbridge, Virginia. After graduating this upcoming spring I’ll be staying an additional year to finish my Accelerated Masters in Public Policy. Hope to be continue in economic development and electoral policy work after graduation. Fun fact about me is I love trains!

Diana MorenoDiana Moreno
Double major: Leadership and Public Policy & Media Studies 
El Salvadorian 
Co- Project Director 
Hey Hey! I am from Woodbridge, Virginia. But I was born and raised in California. My plan after graduation is to go to law school! I am interested in entertainment and commercial law. A fun fact about me is that I believe in hot vanilla oat milk latte superiority.

Natalie CorderoNatalie Cordero 
Global Public Health and Medical Anthropology
Engagement Co-Chair
Hiii! I am from Allentown, PA. My plan after graduation is to get my Masters in Public Health and then attend Medical School to become a family physician. I hope to go back into my community and serve them in that way. Fun fact is that I love sea turtles!

Cady de la Cruz
Anthropology and Indigenous Studies
Engagement Co-Chair
Hello there! I was born and raised in Jersey to Peruvian and Polish parents. I am so grateful to have communities like LLI that make me feel just a little bit more at home in Charlottesville. I am not someone who has dreams of a specific career path, but I know I always want to work in service of my community. I love being a mentor in many aspects and am always here to listen with my heart. Fun fact: I have tattoos in Quechua to honor my Andean ancestry :)

Jose SanchezJose Sanchez
Computer Science
Social Outreach & Recruitment Co-Chair
Hey, I am from The Bronx, Ny. I am currently hoping to become a software engineer at a tech company. Dream career would be working with apps that help low income communities financially or in another way. I hope to continue trying to make UVA a comfortable community for everyone! Fun fact, I love pandas!

Jaime Trejo-Angeles
Environmental Sciences major and Latinx Studies minor 
Social Outreach & Recruitment Co-Chair
Hi! I am from Winchester, VA. After graduation, I plan on becoming involved in environmental justice efforts through research, especially in the areas of freshwater treatment, air pollution, and the anthropogenic influences on weather and climate, and its effects on marginalized communities, especially on the Latinx community. A fun fact about me is that I am a first-generation student!

Jonathan SwapJonathan Swap 
Environmental Science major and Batten and Mathematics minor
Social Outreach & Recruitment Co-Chair
Oi!!! I'm from Charlottesville, VA. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do, but probably leaning towards doing some environmental science focused work on an international sphere. Fun fact is that I love helping other people with applications, so please reach out if you need help!


The 2019-2020 Executive Team

The Latinx Leadership Institute (LLI) Executive Board coordinates and plans each cohort session and other LLI events and activities.

2019-2020 LLI Executive Team
From left to right: Hannah Shartel, Natalie Cordero, Stephanie Gernentz, Lauren Faloni, Ximena Juarez, Stefan Lizarzaburu


The 2018-2019 Executive Team

Latinx Leadership Executive team 2018-20192018-2019 LLI Executive Team

Front Row from left: Ximena Juarez, Natalia Heguaburo, Lauren Faloni, Alex Cintron
Back Row from left: Hannah Shartel, Hector Quijano, Mel Borja

  • Hector Quijano - Executive Director
  • Ximena Juarez
  • Natalia Heguaburo
  • Lauren Faloni
  • Alex Cintron
  • Hannah Shartel
  • Mel Borja

The 2017-2018 Executive Team

2017-2018 LLI Executive Team
Hector Quijano, Alex Cintron, Raquel Talbott, Natalia Heguaburo, Lauren Faloni, and Vicky Stagnaro (Left to Right)


2017-2018 Executive Team

  • Hector Quijano - Exective Director
  • Alex Cintron - Co-Director of Programming
  • Lauren Faloni - Co-Director of Programming
  • Raquel Talbott - Director of Operations
  • Vicky Stagnaro - Director of Recruitment
  • Natalia Heguaburo - Director of Public Relations