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Multicultural Graduation 2022

Registration is now open for the fifth annual Multicultural Graduation Ceremony! This graduation ceremony honors graduating undergraduates who identify as APIDA - Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi American, Hispanic/Latinx, Middle Eastern/North African, and Native American/Indigenous. This ceremony returns to in-person to celebrate your hard work and dedication to earning your degree, and to celebrate the rich diversity at the University of Virginia. Reception to follow, with refreshments and food. 

Multicultural Graduation 2022
Date: Friday, May 20th
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (check-in and line up will be 9:20-9:55AM in the Main Lounge)
Location: Newcomb Ballroom 
Reception to follow in the Multicultural Student Center

Please fill out this form to request a spot for the graduation celebration NO LATER THAN APRIL 24th at 11:59PM. If we have additional space, we will extend the deadline until all spots are filled. Due to space limitations, we will only allow up to 3 guests in addition to yourself. More details about attire, report time, etc., will be included in your confirmation e-mail which you should receive on or before May 2nd. We CANNOT GUARANTEE that we will have space for everyone; generally if you apply in a timely manner, we should be able to accommodate you and your guests. 

All graduates who participate in the graduation ceremony will receive a stole that is consistent with the graduate's cultural identity. You will have the option of (1) stole that is either APIDA, Middle Eastern,  or Hispanic/Latinx (We will work directly with Native/Indigenous students to order a stole design consistent with tribal affiliation). If you identify with multiple communities, we may be able to accommodate an additional stole if supplies are available. 

If you have additional questions, please e-mail Multicultural Student Services at