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Multicultural Student Center Intern Positions

2019-2020 MSC Intern Application    

Applications for 2020-21 will be available in March 2020.



  • Applicants must be full-time undergraduates.
  • Must be in good academic and judicial/disciplinary standing at the time of application and throughout term of employment.
  • Experience with diversity/social justice initiatives and education preferred.
  • Federal Work Study eligibility required. Exceptions may be considered.


Multicultural Student Services (MSS), as part of the Office of the Dean of Students, aims to promote belonging and engagement for underrepresented and marginalized students. We enhance the undergraduate experience through co-curricular programs and culturally relevant services that are meant to empower students in their identity, build community, and provide holistic support for diverse students.


We aim to facilitate a student-centered, collaborative space that supports underrepresented and marginalized communities, while cultivating the holistic empowerment of all students. We seek to enhance personal development, build understanding through dialogue of diverse experiences, and equip students with tools to become socially conscious, citizen leaders. Through these efforts, the Multicultural Student Center hopes to inspire cultural fluency and the sense of responsibility necessary to ensure the dignity and respect of all individuals.


The purpose of the undergraduate internship program is to give students the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience, and collaborate with diverse populations of students, faculty, and staff. These positions work to increase involvement and to enhance students’ collegiate experience by supporting the initiatives of Multicultural Student Services.

Interns will provide programmatic and outreach initiatives for the MSC/MSS, as well as staff the front desk and provide hospitality services for students, student leaders, and CIOs utilizing the MSC. Under the supervision of a Program Coordinator (or other professional team member) for Multicultural Student Services, and working closely with the MSC Student Director, these interns will provide the programming necessary to fulfill our organizational mission. Each intern will have individualized roles within the intern team, and will also have shared responsibilities and regular attendance in team meetings to ensure success in individual and group-led initiatives.  


  • Community Development Intern
    • This position will focus on creating outreach initiatives to establish engagement and community building opportunities between students and the Multicultural Student Center. Programming will include recurring weekly, bi-weekly, monthly socials, mixers, and other similar events. Other events include study breaks around mid-terms and final exams, alumni receptions during YAR, etc.
  • Identity Development Intern
    • This position will focus on planning and executing programs that explore the impacts of social identity on personal development, mental health, academic and career aspirations, and the overall student experience.  Specific programmatic responsibilities will include: development of cultural identity/community dialogues; the DiversiTEA Career Series with UVA Career Center; and Things I Wish I Knew Faculty Engagement Series.
  • Leadership Intern 
    • This position will plan and execute programs that focus on developing leadership skills and leadership identities of all students, with a specific focus of those who are not in any formal leadership training programs.  Programs will include skill building programming, involvement fairs, leadership panels to showcase upperclass CIO leaders to rising leaders, and collaborating/co-sponsoring with student governance groups, etc. This intern will also assist in the (re-)development and execution of the Multicultural Leadership Conference.
  • Multicultural Education Intern
    • This position will plan and execute programs with a focus on intercultural dialogue, awareness, and social justice. A major component of this position is coordinating the Multicultural Consciousness Series, which includes lectures, debates, panel discussions, films, videos, performances, and other events open to the larger UVA community. This intern will also coordinate a dialogue series, coordinate the Understanding Social Justice Ted Talk Series, and assist with the Multicultural Peer Educator Program.
  • Marketing Intern
    • This position will oversee all marketing for all MSS events and programs.  Specific responsibilities include: production of weekly e-newsletters for MSS and LGBTQ Center; management all social media platforms; design and distribution of flyers, Facebook event invitations, and use of social media as a means for publicity; taking pictures and videos for social media, marketing, website, etc.; and, assisting with the design and coordination of various marketing materials (swag, banners, etc.) for signature events & programs, university-wide campaigns, and recruitment activities. The intern will function as a member of both the MSC and LGBTQ Center intern teams.
  • Special Projects
    • This position will assist with special projects as assigned by the Assistant Dean and /or Program Coordinators, with priorities determined each year.  They will also assist with coordination of Welcome Week events for Multicultural Student Services, new student engagement events, such as the Immerse! retreat and on year-long new student engagement programming.  The intern will also assist with the coordination of Multicultural Graduation and coordination of community-based end-of-year awards and recognition.  This position may require an earlier start date.
  • Academic Success
    • This position will focus on planning and executing programs that support the academic success of students serves by Multicultural Student Services.  A primary component of this position will be the development of the fall and spring Academic Success Seminars, which are open to all students, and will become part of the programmatic requirements for peer mentor programs starting in Fall 2019.  This position will also coordinate the academic/resource component of the Free Food Friday program.
  • Cultural Awareness & Heritage
    • This position will focus on providing programming that celebrates and promotes an awareness of the culture, history, and achievements of multicultural communities. Specific responsibilities will include: coordinating programs for heritage and awareness months - this will involve researching history and culture in order to create historically accurate cultural programs and events; developing passive programming campaigns for heritage/awareness months; and assisting with the coordination of CultureFest during Family Weekend.


  1. Assist with administrative duties including center reservations, photocopying, and customer service.
  2. Manage the space reservation system/form and work to ensure reservation and space details.
  3. Communicate and ensure adherence to established policies regarding reservations use of center resources.
  4. Prepare the space for events and meetings as scheduled through MSC reservations systems (Google platform).
  5. Provide information about the Multicultural Student Center to guests; ensure that they are well resourced and aware of the services and programs of the MSC.
  6. Provide assistance for MSS staff with special projects and tasks, as assigned.
  7. Assist in facility maintenance including basic cleaning, furniture rearrangements, and supply inventory.
  8. Attend weekly meetings – individual and team – with MSS professional staff.
  9. Attend periodic MSS unit meetings, including LGBTQ center staff.
  10. Attend all trainings and planning sessions.
  11. Submit semester and year-end written reports for inclusion in the MSS annual report
  12. Submit weekly oral and/or written reports on internship progress
  13. Attend one Safe Space Training and one Multicultural Peer Educator workshop during the fall semester.


  1. 10-12 hours per week during the academic year, including 6-8 hours desk coverage and visibility in the MSC fulfilling programmatic duties.
  2. Compensation: $8.50/hour, beginning mid-August through mid-May.  *Compensation amounts/types are subject to change.
  3. Position responsibilities may change depending on strategic priorities and needs of the Multicultural Student Center.