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Muslim Institute for Leadership and Empowerment (MILE)

2019 Spring MILE Cohort 


The Muslim Institute for Leadership and Empowerment (MILE) seeks to empower Muslim students at the University of Virginia to become active, engaged, informed, and vocal leaders at the University and beyond. It assumes and engages with the following essential components of leadership:

  • Lift as you climb: creating lifelong leaders who empower others to grow as champions of their truth and leaders of their community
  • Community above the self: we are nothing without our principles, and MILE emboldens its participants by supporting them as individuals, and helping them to represent their communities uniquely
  • Challenge yourself and others: our community is better off when it is aware of its faults, and strives to do better. Having a respectful, engaging space for dialogue allows us to reflect and be more productive members of our spaces
  • Come as you are: above all, leadership requires understanding and empathy of those unlike us. It is our duty to admire and celebrate others for their spirit



A cohort of approximately 20-30 underclassmen and transfer students, irrespective of background, who meet for ten, two-hour weekly sessions in January, February, March, and April for leadership development. There will be workshops, projects, lessons, guest speakers, networking opportunities, personal development, a beginning-of-the-year reception, and an end-of-year graduation celebration.


How to Apply:

Applications for the Spring 2019 cohort are closed.  The application for the spring 2020 cohort should be available by October. 


MILE Executive Team