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The NCORE Student Experience

The UVA Office of the Provost has sponsored NCORE attendance for 10-12 undergraduate and graduate students since 2017.  The Office of the Dean of Students - Multicultural Student Services manages all conference logistics, including the application process, coordination of conference travel and participation, and NCORE student projects. 

Overwhelmingly, students cite NCORE as a transformative experience that deepened their understanding of race, ethnicity, and social justice.  In addition to the acquisition of new knowledge and insights, NCORE provides an opportunity to meet students, faculty and administrators from colleges and universities across the country, and make lasting friendships with UVA peers.


NCORE 2019, Portland, Oregon

Student Participants  UVA COMMUNITY PROJECT
Roberto Bryan, III

Engineering 2022

Reading Group - Literature and Decolonization

Lauren Faloni

Batten 2020

U-Guides Diversity and Inclusion Dialogues

Seshi Konu

Architecture 2020

NCORE Professional Development Podcast with University Career Center

Abigail Molina-Calderon

Nursing 2022

Admission Outreach to Latinx Families

Jasmine Mao

Arts and Sciences 2021

ART: Asians Radicalizing Together

Kalea Obermeyer

Education 2020

FLIP: First Generation and Low Income Partnerships

Charmi Patel

Arts and Sciences 2022

LGBTQ and Religious Intersections

Briana Smith

Nursing 2021

Homelessness Awareness & Service Project

Juan Zazueta

Arts and Sciences 2022


Christian West

Graduate - Education

Project fulfilled through Office of Post Graduate Affairs/Graduate & Postdoctoral Diversity Programs


Front Row:  Abigail Molina-Calderon, Charmi Patel, Briana Smith, Lauren Faloni

Second Row: Kalea Obermeyer, Roberto Bryan III, Seshi Konu, Jasmine Mao, Juan Zazueta

NCORE 2019 Student - Faculty Dinner


NCORE 2018, New Orleans, LA  

Student Participants  UVA COMMUNITY PROJECT
Al-Nsour, Raiya

Arts and Sciences 2020


Chen, Eileen

Arts and Sciences 2019

Queer Identity Dialogue Series for First-Year Students

Corbett, Revay O.

Kinesiology, Ph.D., 2019

Project fulfilled through Office of Post Graduate Affairs/Graduate & Postdoctoral Diversity Programs

Flynn, Emily

Engineering 2020

Activism in Disabled Spaces; Creation of TA Guide for disabled students

John, Nathan

Arts and Sciences 2019

Black Monologues De-Brief

Kerr, Allejah

Arts and Sciences 2021

Black Women’s Healing Circle

Miranda, Annelise

Arts and Sciences 2020

Latinx History at UVA and the United States

Phaltankar, Julia

Arts and Sciences 2021

Asian Identity & Leadership Development

Schauffler, Zachary

Arts and Sciences 2019

White Identity Exploration Series

Siddiqui, Nadir

Arts and Sciences 2020

Queer People of Color and intersecting identities

Zuluaga, Brian

Batten 2020

Batten Latinx Network


NCORE student group photo

Front Center: Brian Zuluaga
Second Row: Annelise Miranda, Raiya Al-Nsour, Allejah Kerr
Third Row: Revay Corbett, Emily Flynn, Zachary Schauffler, Nathan John, Nadir Siddiqui, Eileen Chen, Julia Phaltankar

NCORE Group photo

NCORE 2018 student participants with UVA faculty/staff attendees.


Beignets at Cafe du Monde! 


 NCORE 2017, Fort Worth, Texas

Student Participants UVA COMMUNITY PROJECT
Doreen Devasia

Arts and Sciences 2018

What We Wore: photography project to combat the stigma of sexual assault and/or harassment

Sindhura Elagandhala

Arts and Sciences 2018

Multicultural Leadership Conference

Emily Flynn

Engineering 2020

Disability Awareness Week; Hack Night for Humanity

Abigail Hoang

Arts and Sciences 2019

 Workshop: The Asian American Student                        Experience at UVA

Taylor Lamb

Arts and Sciences 2018

Multicultural Leadership Conference

Daisy Mosqueda

Arts and Sciences 2020

Latinx Leadership Institute

Kelsey Richardson

M.Ed. Counselor Education 2018

Project fulfilled through Office of Post Graduate Affairs/Graduate & Postdoctoral Diversity Programs

Tracey Stewart

Ph.D. Music
Arts and Sciences

Project fulfilled through Office of Post Graduate Affairs/Graduate & Postdoctoral Diversity Programs

Sarah Tran

Arts and Sciences 2018

 Workshop: The Asian American Student                        Experience at UVA


NCORE Group photo

Left to Right: Valencia Harvey (faculty/staff), Doreen Devasia, Daisy Mosqueda, Abigail Hoang, Kelsey Richardson, Vicki Gist (faculty/staff), Sarah Tran, Sindhura Elagandhala, Taylor Lamb                         
Not Pictured: Emily Flynn & Tracey Stewart


Student Testimonials

“If I had to sum up my NCORE experience with one quote it would be: “NCORE is like that family reunion that you didn’t even know you needed.”
Allejah Kerr | Arts and Sciences 2021

“The week I spent at NCORE was one of the most transformative weeks of my life.  One of the most impactful aspects of NCORE was the emphasis on community. Rarely before had I seen so many capable and successful Latinx people together, supporting each other.
Annelise Miranda | Arts and Sciences 2020

“Before the conference, I envisioned it to be a week of lectures, where I would quietly sit and comfortably absorb the knowledge from presenters. I was wrong. NCORE applied a combination of speeches and discussions, where attendees were encouraged to speak up and share their opinions. It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, exchange knowledge, and learn through empathy. The title of the conference gives a façade of restricting topics to only race and ethnicity, but NCORE incorporated all aspects of the human experience. It consisted of sessions about women empowerment, first-generation student experience, LGBTQ experience, and more. It was an amalgam of ideals from respectable individuals who come together for the goal of achieving equality and supporting one another.”
Sarah Tran | Arts and Sciences 2018

“NCORE allowed me to narrow my interests and study whiteness in depth. I sought relevant workshops, lectures, and discussions and was blown away by what I found. On Tuesday, our first full day, I attended a day-long workshop on White Fragility, facilitated by Robin DiAngelo, the scholar who coined the very phrase. This was a phenomenal start that developed concepts I had previously encountered only vaguely. Through conversations with the people around me, I gained perspective on how people of color interpreted White fragility, a concept that refers to White people’s hesitancy and resistance to discussing race.  Altogether, my NCORE experience was an incredible catalyst for my scholarly interests.” 
Zachary Schauffler | Arts and Sciences 2019