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Women's Asian American Leadership Initiative (WAALI)

2019/2020 WAALI Facilitators: Kim Salac & Ariana Nazari

Women’s Asian American Leadership Initiative (WAALI)

The Women’s Asian American Leadership Initiative (WAALI) is a student-facilitated and MSS-sponsored leadership development program for 2nd and 3rd year Asian/Asian-American women. For 2 hours a week within an 8-week span in the Fall Semester, cohort members will be able to learn about leadership in the context of their intersection of identities within Race and Gender. WAALI is a discussion-based program that allows participants the opportunity to share their stories of being an Asian American woman and how that relates to leadership.

Some topics that are covered include Asian American Women in the Media, Asian American Women in the Workplace, Wellness and Emotional/Mental/Physical Health, and many more.

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Phase I Recruitment for the Fall Cohort concludes in April of each year.  Phase II allows any 2nd or 3rd year transfer students to apply in late August/Early September of the new academic year. The Fall 2018 program will begin by September 11th and run every Monday from 7-9PM until Thanksgiving Break. If you are interested in applying, please e-mail